‘Honorable, compassionate’ couple treated unfairly

I was surprised and appalled by the accusation of Heather Parsons reported in the May 5 Maui News. The article was unfair to both Heather and Rob Parsons. I have known them both for decades and they are honorable, compassionate people with integrity.

It is ridiculous to imagine they schemed to take Fay Block’s money and estate from her family.

Death doulas are people called to aid and help those who are dying. Our society needs people who see this need and respond. They often help people who have no family support, as in the case of Fay Block, who was estranged from her children.

Heather provided emotional support, friendship and kindness. She showed compassion and love to this person. Fay responded by rewarding Heather, as any of us in her position may have done.

The article was written in such a way that I feel it has prejudiced anyone who read it against Heather and Rob Parsons.

It is absolutely untrue that “death doulas prey on vulnerable adults, getting them to turn over their money and assets . . . and hide the cause of their death.” This opinion was written by the family of Fay Block, who were disappointed not to receive the property and money they assumed their mother would leave them. It looks like a case of greed from the family, choosing to blame someone for their own situation.

How sad.

Mary Groode



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