Only a return to principles can salvage our freedom

In The Maui News of April 19, in a full-page “reminder” of Christ’s resurrection sponsored by the Maui Christian Ministers’ Association and the Kiwanis Club, the following paragraph caught my eye: “Twenty centuries have come and gone and today Jesus is the central figure of the human race and the leader of mankind.” Lucky me, labeled a Christian at birth, I for one belong! If you are a Buddhist, a Muslim or . . . — don’t leave home without it, your passport that is. God is too big for one religion! Who is listening?

The Maui News, April 27, a rare breath of fresh air, Pastor Kahu Kealohou Alika stated, “We are creating communities where people don’t get connected.” He was referring to the multimillion-dollar Makena developments. People, we are building “walls” ad nauseam. Instead of being inclusive, “pro-active,” in too many instances we are exclusive and left with that one sole option, being “re-active” — insane! Long-term solutions are consistently avoided, replaced in favor of the magical instant gratification ones.

In the No. 1 economy of the world, the spineless are still objecting to education and health care for all — these are not rights? No divine intervention, no prayer, no amount of money can change our disastrous path to circular firing squads and the usual murmurs from within our white picket fences, “OMG, NIMBY,” are as pathetic. Only a return to principles — lubricants of our democracy can salvage our freedom.

Alain Mei