Our Social Security must remain solvent

We recently heard on the news that in 16 years Social Security will be insolvent, as in out of money. This brings to mind that back in the day when Congress “borrowed” $2.6 trillion for the military industrial complex. There has never been any attempt to pay us, as in all the citizens that paid into their Social Security for all their working years, back. Therefore, they stole it from us.

Consider this: $2.6 trillion divided by 16 years is $16.25 billion a year. If our government paid less into the military budget and paid this back each year to our Social Security it would remain solvent. At this time, the Republicans and Trump would rather cut our Social Security and continue tax cuts for large corporations and the top 1 percent. The CEO of Pfizer’s yearly compensation was raised 61 percent to $27.9 million, and they raise our drug costs. Amazon’s 2018 corporate profit was over $2 billion and they paid no income tax.

Is this Making America Great Again? Feels more like those on the top think, “It’s Great for Me and to Hell with you,” and Big Pharma’s motto is, “Pay or Die little guy!” Great for who? The “Trickle Down Theory” is actually those on the top urinating on the rest of us.

With Trump as president, Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate, this will continue. As a friend of mine once said, Enlightenment isn’t free. You must pay attention.

Harlan Hughes



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