Perfect nickname for the man who would be king

The current occupant of the White House stays busy burning through taxpayer funds for golf excursions to his fancy resorts and watching “Fox Noxious” on television. His other major endeavor appears to be conjuring insulting nicknames for his multitude of political opponents. Apparently, he is unaware of his own vulnerability in that regard.

We now know he lost over a billion dollars in his businesses over 10 years. He also has a well-documented history of bankruptcies, stiffing people and companies who provided materials and labor for his projects and defaulting on bank loans in the multimillions. He also is proud of his record of tax avoidance (not to mention military service avoidance through mirage bone spurs). His three marriages and documented serial cheating on his wives demonstrate his nature is to shirk responsibility and renege on his obligations.

Which brings me to the perfect nickname for the man who would be king. Unlike the false ones he uses, this one is true: “Donnie Deadbeat!”

Richard L. Rost



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