Sen. Hirono is a loose cannon with a big mouth

U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono seems to think she is Nancy Pelosi. She has decided that making a fool of herself (and Hawaii) is the best way to get her face on TV. She has slandered the president of the United States, the attorney general of the United States and many others. She is an embarrassment to the State of Hawaii and the political system in the way she acts. She is definitely a loose cannon and is going to cause some substantial damage with her big mouth.

What is it with these politicians that there is no respect for their constituents, their peers or anybody in the other party. We need to clean house, both houses, and get politicians that are there to act in the best interest of the country and not themselves.

Politics in Washington and on the state level, to a lesser degree (not much), has turned into a constant fight between the parties and they are not accomplishing anything they were elected to do. It seems all they do is fight among themselves and constantly raise funds to be reelected and fatten their own bank accounts. We need to get rid of these career politicians that just beg for money and try to get their face on TV.

Kent Knowley