Story about death doula biased and inaccurate

I read your May 5 article (smear) about Heather Parsons and death doulas. Your article was so prejudiced against both Heather and death midwives.

I have known Heather for many years and have seen firsthand the selfless commitment she has made to help people who are ill and dying. Many people, including Fay Block, are alone and suffering by themselves with absolutely no support to go through the process of dying. Heather has helped so many people who are suffering by being present and helping them in whatever way she can. Many of those people have no resources to give to Heather but she shows up for them anyway.

Your article makes her sound like some kind of scheming monster trying to take advantage of sick people. This couldn’t be further from the truth. She has given so much to help people.

The Maui News did very little research about Heather and did everything they could to attack and try and destroy Heather’s reputation. Did you talk to even one person who has seen the loving caretaking that Heather has given to others? No. You didn’t. You just saw an opportunity to exploit a very difficult problem in our society. The right to choose to end one’s life. Heather would never kill or harm anyone. Shame on your biased and inaccurate reporting.

Sincerely disappointed in your reporting.

Mele Willow



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