The laws against illegal fireworks being ignored

Regarding The Maui News story on the April 30 community meeting about fireworks:

I’ve contacted every state lawmaker about this issue more than once. Most just ignored my correspondence and the few that responded mostly just referred me to the County Council and police. Officials present at the meeting encouraged residents to contact state lawmakers and County Council members to toughen the laws; why were there no council members or state lawmakers present?

Make laws as numerous and tough as you want, but if the laws aren’t enforced, then the effort is meaningless. The laws against illegal fireworks are being ignored because they are not being effectively enforced. I agree the police need residents willing to be witnesses to identify and prosecute violators, but the police could make more of a visible effort to patrol the neighborhoods where and when these violations are occurring. Getting out of the police cars and patrolling on bicycle or on foot would put the police in a position to detect violations and act quickly to stop them.

I am personally acquainted with Rep. Tina Wildberger so I know she is sincere in her efforts to do something about this problem. It’s therefore unfortunate that my state legislators, Rep. Justin Woodson and Sen. Gil Keith-Agaran, appeared to have ignored this issue along with most of their fellow legislators. If I’m wrong about this, gentlemen, then tell me.

The illegal fireworks problem is out of control, and it is well past time to do something about it.

Chris Profio