Tourist camping rentals an exploitation of shoreline

It has come to my attention that nonlocal “companies” are exploiting our shoreline for profit by buying vehicles and outfitting them for tourist camping rentals on our beaches (either vans, or tents on rooftops of cars as seen advertised on Outdoorsy.com, Airbnb and the like).

At Baby Beach in Spreckelsville, there are two Winnebagos and a tiny house blocking the ocean view near a spot on the shoreline where a monk seal makes its home. Human waste from these individuals can be seen strewn about behind the parking lot, and it is clear these vehicles have driven over the Hawaiian endemic naupaka plant bushes that naturally help against coastal erosion.

I believe it is incumbent on those of us who call Maui home to practice discernment and respect for the aina and the Hawaiian way of life in order to preserve it. This includes stopping pollution of our shoreline and the erosion of our coastline.

The beaches, like the ocean, are sacred and deserve to be respected and cared for. And that means keeping them clean and pristine and healthy for the sake of our community and its fishermen and the ocean and ocean life itself.

This disrespectful action and the audacity of these so called “companies” and their “renters” must be put in check. Maybe the county needs to deal with these individuals and make them pay and register like they do illegal vacation owners.

Carol L. Healy



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