Vehicle with no registered owner poses a mystery

Recently we encountered a new wrinkle in the vehicle registration world. A vehicle was parked on the street that had a license plate that seemed to have not been renewed since 2011 and had no safety check sticker. This seemed odd so we called MPD to have a look.

Initially, they ticketed the vehicle and even tagged it as abandoned. Later in the day the vehicle left. When it returned the next day, we called MPD again. It seemed odd that this vehicle could just drive around and skip the expense of keeping up with registration, safety check and, I’m sure, insurance. The officer that came out explained it to me.

The vehicle is not registered to anyone, any tickets it gets go nowhere. With the laws being what they are, they cannot impound it immediately like other states. The officer said if they had that ability, he could pick up 100 cars in Kihei! This is a different issue than having a law for expired plates and harming people by impounding quickly, these vehicles have no registered owner at all.

While the above vehicle was parked on the street we witnessed another event that got us wondering. Another truck came by, someone got out and quickly got a small package from the unregistered vehicle. I wonder if this is the perfect vehicle for distributing contraband, after all, no one owns the vehicle!

This needs to be looked at. No registration, no safety, no insurance, no owner. Very dangerous.

Stephen Rodgers



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