We can create a true paradise on Maui

We can create Mauitopia by all of us doing what we love to do for work, not having any violent crime, and exercising the aloha spirit to all take care of each other. Creating a utopian society with the number of residents Maui has would not only be unprecedented but hard.

First, Confucius said, “Find a job you love to do, and you will never have to work another day in your life.” Can you imagine how our island will bubble with the positive energy of happy and excited people?

Second, we may not be able to eliminate all the crime in our lifetime. Could we at least root out all violent crime? That way we could feel physically safe. You know how some people say that they just can’t make it here? While others, whether from here or not, magically feel right at home?

And third, as we live on an island, why not practice aloha and do a daily RAK, or a random act of kindness?

In our lifetime and thanks to increased mobility and the internet many of us worldwide feel we live on island earth. Often on Maui we already have a paradisiacal island feeling.

I ran for mayor hoping I could make it even better by helping spearhead the creation of Mauitopia, a true paradise.

Ori Kopelman



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