We have the power to slow glacial warming

Recent articles in The Maui News, “Glaciers shrinking faster then expected” and “Accelerated pace of Bering Sea climate changes startles scientists,” should be smacking us all in the face right now. Especially to those whose mantras are “Live simply so others may simply live” or “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

I’ve ordered a couple things online, and have been tempted to click on pretty dresses that pop up. It’s in one’s face all the time. Here’s the connect.

Why the increase of startled scientists’ observations of glacial warming 40-50 years accelerated? Could it be the quickened pulse of online shopping? After the tragedy of 9/11, apart from the obvious terror, was the unexpected environmental data provided when planes were grounded for three days. Skies over the U.S. cleared with substantial temperature differential as well.

Now every time I think about jets flying in the name of shopping, and trucks making door-to-door deliveries, I shudder. Perhaps we should all think before we click on what we think we need and repeat the mantras stated above. Shipping is not free! Can we shop small or design ourselves? “Hey, Auntie, can you make this dress for me? I designed it myself!” Then go to sleep knowing the place we love will be here for our children and generations to come. We have the power to slow it all down.

Vicki Yagi



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