Woman is subject of false accusations

I am shocked and appalled by your portrayal of Heather Parsons, filled with untruths and half-truths clearly from the bias of people and media who do not abide the new euthanasia law and are pursuing a witch hunt (The Maui News, May 5). Heather is a loving, kind, ethical woman who follows and abides all the hospice guidelines and I’ve known her nearly 30 years.

This is a witch hunt and these estranged kids who were not in the deceased’s will are now getting the house she chose to leave to the Parsons. The woman had her will notarized prior to her death. Since she was on hospice services she had a diagnosis of six months or less to live and attested to by her doctor. So this ridiculous accusal of “just a sore foot” is ludicrous.

As a founder of hospice and having run an outpatient service for several years, I am grateful that we can finally help terminal patients die and not suffer as we have treated our animals. This new humane, ethical law is now being ignored by greedy, disinherited children who want whatever she left in death after ignoring her in life. And they are suing the doctor and hospice to feed their greedy bank accounts. This is a crime and a travesty.

I think the children should be sued and found guilty in court for false accusations and harassment and should not get anything and be responsible for all legal bills of these falsely accused wonderful human beings.

Hermine Harman



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