Check prescription dosage instructions carefully

Earlier this year my wife was prescribed a medication that she has to be careful taking due to the potential for side effects. I picked up the prescription for her at the pharmacy we use in Kahului. The prescription came with a “Note from your Pharmacist” attached; this was some supplemental dosage instructions for the medication. These instructions differed from the instructions in the paperwork that came with the medication. Had my wife followed the supplemental instructions on the “Note from your Pharmacist” she would have overdosed on the medication in two days. These supplemental instructions were wrong.

This amounts to malpractice. Since both of us are familiar with the medication and how to take it we avoided any physical harm. But the next time a similar mistake is made by this pharmacist the outcome might be very different.

After complaining to the pharmacy corporation, all I’ve been told is the pharmacist is a “floater” who doesn’t always work at the pharmacy we use. The corporation admitted that their pharmacist did not follow proper procedure. I’ve received only tepid apologies from a couple of lower-level corporation functionaries about what happened, nothing more.

I plan to tell as many people as possible about what happened, and I will begin the process of transferring my own prescriptions out of this pharmacy and into a competitor’s, as I no longer trust the pharmacy I’ve been using for many years. Check your prescription dosage instructions carefully. Caveat emptor.

Chris Profio



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