Dust from work at the old Maui Lu affecting neighbors

I am compelled to write about the dust problems my neighbors and I are having from the reconstruction of the old Maui Lu hotel. Complaints have been made to the county and state Department of Health Clean Air Division about dust (literally dirt), emanating from the site. An inspection done by the county was done prior to noon and I suspect under no wind conditions, so the full impact of dust was not observed. I understand that staffing constraints precludes inspection at specified hours because of the volume of inspections done by one inspector.

The state representative inspected the site, but the report was moot, so another call was made only to find that the individual has left the department, and calls are now taken by the office in Honolulu. I called the office and explained the situation and was told to have neighbors call to substantiate my claim. Also, I was advised to call my state representative and told them that the dust problem is worse than the harvesting season by HC&S, the daily dust occurring during working and after hours.

The contractor is operating a mini rock quarry by grinding rocks on site. Rocks and dirt are then plowed into a pile about 10 feet high and an excavator is then used to dump material into the grinder sending airborne dust. Calls to Honolulu at (808) 586-4200, Rep. Tina Wildberger at (808) 870-1739, contractor’s rep, 313-2968.

Frank Suda



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