Maui Waena school has summer reading program

I’m proud to state that Maui Waena Intermediate School is the first public middle school — as far as I am have been able to determine — on Maui to establish (or perhaps re-establish?) a summer reading requirement for incoming 8th graders. More information is posted at the school front office and should be established on our school website very shortly.

Literacy is the gateway to the rest of education, and by raising the expectation for our students to become good and competent readers, we are increasing their chances for upward mobility and opportunity, in addition to developing critical thinking and empathy.

Our 8th grade English Language Acquisition team at Maui Waena is aware and sensitive to the many plights and hindrances our population may encounter, so our program is designed with that in mind. However, we don’t believe “can’t” equals “won’t.” Our school library has been giving away free books for summer reading, and our school librarian has long-standing relationships within the state library system and Maui Friends of the Library.

Even if your own school does not require summer reading, please support the education of our children by encouraging reading at home and by reading to your children (or they read to you!) as often as possible.

De Austin



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