Meetings requested regarding fireworks

Several weeks ago I sent an email to all nine of our County Council members. In that email I expressed my concerns that rampant fireworks violations continue to plague our county and requested an in-person meeting with each of them. Since I personally suffered extensive damage to my home last July 4th as a result of fireworks while two of my neighbors lost their homes completely, I have taken it upon myself to search for solutions to this insidious problem.

To educate myself, I have spent the last many months reviewing and evaluating various regulations currently on the books to control fireworks usage, most of which are being completely ignored.

Our police chief indicates that there are too many violations and not enough officers on duty during holidays where fireworks will be used, so they do nothing. Our fire chief will only respond to actual fires and takes no role in preventative measures. Our port authority officers are unable to inspect containers coming into the island — source of many of the illegal aerial bombs — unless there are specific reasons to do so.

There are solutions. There are ways we can protect our neighborhoods and still give those who wish to use fireworks a safe environment in which to do that. I had a one-hour meeting with our mayor to discuss this; obviously, not something high on his priority list.

To date, I received one response, that from Alice Lee. She said she would “look into the matter.” Have you looked yet, Alice?

Michael Blaz