Observations shared after reading entire Mueller report

I have just finished reading the Mueller report in its entirety. It wasn’t easy and it’s obvious the vast majority won’t read it. Written for and to the Justice Department, not for the general public, but it should be released to us and to Congress in its unredacted form with all the underlying documents. We also need Mueller to testify publicly; it is unclear why he is reluctant as, to my reading, he appeared to bend over backwards to be fair to POTUS.

Anyone who thinks the special counsel investigation was a witch hunt has 1. not read the report, 2. made up their mind beforehand and is sticking to it, 3. been hypnotized by The Donald, or 4. has been smoking something.

It is crystal clear in great detail that the Russians meddled massively in the 2016 election and the depth and breadth of it makes it hard to believe that their efforts did not benefit Trump to some degree.

It is also unmistakable that he made numerous attempts to interfere and obstruct the investigation. That this may not have met the official, legal definition of obstruction is irrelevant.

President Bonespur has already done what may be irreparable damage to this country and is on course to do even more. The sooner he is removed, by whatever means, the better off the entire world will be.

Jon Betwee