Viewpoint regarding injection well lawsuit was misleading

Kyle Ginoza’s viewpoint (The Maui News, May 31) was blatantly misleading and a perfect example of the mindset that has led Maui County to pollute the ocean and reefs makai of the Lahaina sewage plant for decades.

Contrary to his claim that the county’s appeal will not gut the federal Clean Water Act, that is exactly what the county has asked the Supreme Court to do, while allying with the Trump administration and the nation’s worst corporate polluters and enemies of environmental protection.

Under new leadership, the county should face the future and focus on solutions like maximizing water reuse and modernizing disposal practices to protect Maui’s priceless ocean resources. Stop spreading irresponsible fears about private cesspools and workforce homes, which have absolutely nothing to do with the large-scale dumping from the county wastewater plants.

Finally, no one is “reneging” on any promises; rather, we want county elected officials to keep their promises to aloha ‘aina and ensure a clean and healthy environmental for all.

Isaac Moriwake

Managing Attorney, Earthjustice


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