A new day when gender omitted for women’s team

The Maui News banner headline of B section (Sports) July 8 from AP reads:

“US wins 4th World Cup title, beats Dutch 2-0.”

At the fold in the single left column that AP headline reads:

“US men lose Gold Cup final to Mexico.”

I don’t recall ever seeing such a headline when gender was omitted applying to a female team. Then the latter one had to specify it was the men’s team. As long as I recall it was just the opposite; when a unspecified national team was automatically inferring male gender, and it “had” to be designated if it was a female team.

Admittedly, I am not cognizant of the sport of soccer/football to determine the relative value of the designed cups, so maybe that plays a part here, but it sure seems to be a new day when the U.S. team refers to the women’s team without any modifier. Patsy Mink would be proud.

Sounds like maybe finally, “the times they are a changin” — R. Zimmerman. And time for compensation parity as well.

Mike Moran