Canceling Sunday paper destroys beloved ritual

By canceling the Sunday paper you are not only taking away the newspaper, you are destroying a beloved Sunday ritual enjoyed around the world. Whomever dreamed up this idea must have been behind the boneheaded plan to cancel home delivery. Thanks to public outcry, that plan was scrapped (for now).

Why not an expanded Sunday edition? Saturday sports, events, local interest happenings could all be currently included in a Sunday edition.

Please focus on local news, you can’t compete with electronic media internationally. Do what you do best, and sell it!

Send a beat reporter to the council and courthouse. Attend community association meetings. Restaurant, cultural and art reviews are interesting and compelling. Cultivate your loyal base, and listen to them.

And while you’re at it, relocate the bonehead to an area that doesn’t care about their local paper.

Dotti Branch