Karmic handicaps made evident by one’s behavior

Over the years I have known people with various karmic handicaps. Those with an instinctual untimeliness and circumstantial insensitivity have always interested me. So, too, individuals whose ideologies or religions have limited their potential; made them backward, or backward looking; and encouraged both intolerance and closed-mindedness. There are those a little short on intelligence and those whose high intelligence have warped and isolated them. Very old people should be observed, because they are stiffly and silently informing and warning us of, and displaying, the inevitable effects of diminished energy.

There are also dangerous and obnoxious people. Many of whom are unloved and tormented by minds which are filled with fears and are rarely self-companionable. Often these people have simple and trite emotions, and unrefined feelings and are easily triggered. Such people are among those who project their inner sense of diminishment. In doing so, they ruin things, people and situations. This group contributes the subverters of truth; the falsifiers of reality; and the desecrators of values. These are the children of conflict.

Trump is an example of this problematic type. He is like a ghost trying to fill his emptiness with attention, adulation and pleasure. In quite a remarkable way, he seems to lack the presence of soul. He seems to have been exiled from the high principles which make us human-hearted beings. Yet, even if deserved, his is a pitiable karma.

Raphael O’Suna