Putting cameras in the forest is a terrible idea

In a recent article (The Maui News, June 30), it was revealed the Amanda Eller’s father wants to put cameras in the Makawao forest to prevent people who are lost from not being found. That is a terrible idea.

For one thing, Makawao is but one of many hiking areas on Maui. You can’t put cameras everywhere. Hiking in the woods is meant to be a wilderness experience and cameras detract from that significantly. And why do people from the Mainland want to come here and change the way we live?

Here is a far better solution: Educate people on the importance of telling others where exactly you are going, and on the importance of not going off-trail. Keeping your cellphone with you is also important. Put the responsibility on the person hiking to be safe, not on the rest of us to come and rescue that person.

And please, let’s keep the wilderness just that. No cameras.

Scott Werden



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