Subscribers deserve sad delivery news upfront

Why did you “hide” the fact that The Maui News will no longer deliver on Sundays? (June 26, front page.) It was the “elephant in the room” and was hard to find it among all the hoopla and hollering about the debut of the “Weekender.”

Wish you would have stopped beating around the bush and laid it right on the line that “Starting July 7, 2019, no more Sunday deliveries.” Your subscribers deserve this sad news upfront even if it the result of your own business decision.

Everyone loves their Sunday newspaper, they look forward to it more than any other day. (Why not stop the Saturday edition and keep Sunday?) Hope you hired more phone operators on Sunday to explain to all your subscribers why they haven’t received their Sunday newspaper when they call. And don’t say it was right on the front page stating this because it was so well hidden.

John Daniel Baralt