Trump supporters have all the qualities of a violent mob

Why are those around Trump so incompetent and corrupt? Were they not placed in office just because of their careless criminality and lack of knowledge? Bad leaders who specifically choose malleable incompetents are part of history. The worst leaders use this tactic in order not to be confronted with their own ignorance, laziness, lack of curiosity, concupiscence and venality.

Knuckle-draggers cannot stand to be the dumbest in a room. Leaders like Trump specifically choose subordinates for their obsequiousness; their fearful nature; their corruptibility; their lack of independent thought and specialization. If one surrounds oneself with dark souls, one’s flickering appears starlike.

The Trump entourage, circle or administration has its counterpart in the book burners of the past. Trump supporters, indeed, have all the qualities of a violent mob. They are thoughtless, easily aroused, possessed of diminished consciousness; and lack discernment, independent thought and integrity. Fear, hatred and destructiveness are easily and quickly evoked in them, by speakers who denounce “infectious others.” Additionally, they dismiss science, the intelligentsia, and what they do not understand or benefit from.

A mob is easily convinced by those who play to their lowest emotions, their primal fears, their greatest disappointments and pathological dreams.

Lawless leaders project — using scapegoats, exaggerations and crooked symbols — their own sense of threat, which arises from their soulless personalities. Tyrants are not only spiritless; they know they are doomed to darkness. Trump’s words and actions are often cries for help, or octopus ink to hide a decomposing soul.

Raphael O’Suna