Bad news for the left, the word racism is dead

Racism. Leon Trotsky was among the first to use this word for political purposes. Trotsky would use the same strategy the left is using today by calling out anyone they wished as a racist, getting enough people to believe it, and thereby ending the debate. It’s a strategy well taught in Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals,” the bible, if you will, for the Democrat left.

It was the word used to quell President Obama’s critics, and it has now been the word used too often at the current president. I have bad news for the left, and the low-information crowd, but the word is dead.

The president, Congress and millions like myself can criticize someone based not on race, but of corruption and failure. Baltimore is a dangerous city that has rats, that is a fact. Sen. Mazie Hirono is incompetent, that fact is based on her record as a senator, not her race. No one should be immune to criticism because of their race. That in itself is a dangerous concept.

I’ve heard racism so many times in the past three years that the word for many like myself has no longer any meaning. It’s dead. However, if you want to live thinking the racial divide is still deep, and how dare I write this, then that is exactly how the mainstream media wants you to react. It is your choice.

Stephen Phillips