Collective consciousness regarding illegal fireworks

Is it possible in today’s tumultuous world, rife with social and political upheaval, that a community can still experience a collective consciousness? Well maybe, just maybe, that is happening right here on Maui.

The Maui community has taken strides and begun pushing back against the use and proliferation of illegal fireworks. Letters to the editor (many of them mine!), town hall meetings, articles in The Maui News, etc., have given voice to those who have had enough.

This past 4th of July evoked the usual fear and trepidation I face every Independence Day and New Year’s Eve. Babies crying, pets trembling in fear and running off, the smell of gunpowder so thick in the air one can hardly breathe.

But wait! It’s 6 p.m.; then 7 p.m., 8 p.m., and none but a few pops off in the distance somewhere. It was eerily silent. Oh, over the next couple of hours revelers staying within legal limits were enjoying their fireworks, but the sky did not light up with exploding bombs and all was quiet well before midnight.

A recent article in The Maui News reported that 40 citations were given out that night — 32 of them for illegal aerials. Kudos to the MPD and Chief Tivoli Faaumu for finally flexing their muscles a bit and being more proactive. A little enforcement will go a long way.

A collective consciousness? If it can happen anywhere, Maui would certainly be one of those places. Let’s see what happens this New Year’s Eve.

Michael Blaz