County must drop its appeal in Lahaina wastewater case

A Maui County win in the U.S. Supreme Court appeal of the Lahaina wastewater case would have long-lasting, devastating effects on environmental health nationwide. By persisting in this appeal, the county is leading the charge to undo over 40 years of work protecting public waters.

The county has spent more than $4 million tax dollars paying lawyers to claim that polluting groundwater doesn’t count as pollution. Science and common sense say otherwise: Anyone who has visited Kahekili Beach consistently over the last two decades has seen the result. And now the issue is much bigger than one beach, island or state.

When challenged, some council members have tried to convince the public that a win for the Clean Water Act could make homeowners with cesspools liable as polluters. The county must stop this fearmongering and do the right thing for the people of Maui, and for all Americans: Drop this appeal.

Theresa Ann Guinasso



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