County should drop appeal to the Supreme Court

I am writing to you about the Lahaina Wastewater case and my concerns about how Maui County is presenting it to landowners. The county and its attorneys have suggested that landowners with cesspools and septic tanks could be liable under the Clean Water Act if the county doesn’t get its way. This kind of language induces fear and is wrong.

The Lahaina plant uses injection wells to pump 4 million gallons of wastewater every day into the groundwater for the specific purpose of sending the pollution into the ocean. To compare such industrial-scale dumping to miniscule, diffuse, and untraceable residential systems is just in appropriate and wrong.

The county needs to stop this tactic and do the right thing for Maui and just drop this appeal to the Supreme Court. We have a responsibility to protect our precious land and to keep our ocean and sea life clean.

Darlene Joy Hosseinian