Food security tied to housing for ag workers

Finding an affordable home on Maui is increasingly difficult. The critical path to our food-secure future is as difficult or possibly more so. Perhaps Maui County can hit two birds with one stone, and by supporting affordable homes for our agriculture workforce, and by giving our agricultural workers a pathway to dignified housing opportunities, Hawaii will be that much closer to doubling our food production in the near future.

Climate change, sea level rise, shortage of freshwater supplies, a fragile global supply chain and global political instability give us no choice but to create the capacity to feed our population. There is an effort underway to meet the need, and the Affordable Agriculture Workforce Housing Working Group has the support of Mayor Michael Victorino and Council Member Tasha Kama. Mahalo to them for their service and for their support of agriculture.

Join with us in this effort and work together with us to realize the vision of a sustainable and resilient system of food production that honors farmers and helps them thrive.

Simon Russell



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