Gardeners dumping green waste along the roadside

Thanks for your photo in the Aug. 13 Maui News, “1.41 tons of rubbish removed from roadways.” In my Kihei neighborhood we are suddenly having a big problem with gardeners dumping green waste along the roadside.

I am hearing that this is a direct result of the landfills’ new restrictive rules where in the past they let pickup trucks dump green waste free as noncommercial, but all of a sudden, two months ago, they decided to make even the small pickup trucks pay a $48 fee. That seems to be why this summer we are seeing much more roadside dumping of green waste, palm fronds, etc.

If landscapers are willing to truck the green waste to a landfill maybe they should be allowed to dump it for free? Please consider the gardener may only make, say, $50 in connection with the green waste he collected that day — the higher fees and stricter enforcement are making the business uneconomic or money-losing for the small independent gardeners using regular pickup trucks.

George Abercrombie



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