Maui County should drop appeal and comply with law

Maui’s oceans are one of our most precious waters on Earth. For decades, Maui County has been using injection wells to dump millions of gallons of treated wastewater into the ground daily; subsequently, the wastewater flows into our once pristine ocean offshore of Kahekili Beach. Both the Hawaii-based District Court and the U.S. 9th Circuit ruled that the county was required to obtain a permit under the Clean Water Act.

Rather than remedy the ongoing pollution, Maui County has decided to take this case to the Supreme Court, seeking to evade the Clean Water Act. Why would we, the citizens of this island, want the county to spend millions more dollars to drag this through yet another court?

Maui should be leading the way by promoting a clean and healthy environment, instead they are seeking to undermine one of our nation’s key environmental protection statutes.

For the health of our oceans and waters in Maui, across the state and across the nation, Maui County should drop the appeal and faithfully comply with the law.

Donna Flores