Overpopulation of tourists strains East Maui resources

The Hana Highway traveling to the remote and isolated community of Hana has been impacted by the overpopulation of tourists. This is a serious concern when it comes to utilizing our limited emergency personnel. Accidents are almost a daily thing in Hana, because tourists refuse to obey the warning signs of danger.

Red Sand Beach, Waianapanapa, Sacred Falls in Kipahulu, etc. Too many rescues over something that could have easily been avoided is costing us taxpayers a huge amount of money.

There was an incident of a young boy who had a bicycle accident where he hit his head against a rock wall, bystanders immediately attended to him. Our emergency crew were in Kipahulu tending to another incident at the same time but hurried back to help the seriously injured young boy where he was flown to Kapiolani Hospital on Oahu.

Our infrastructure cannot meet the great demand of tourists visiting East Maui. Tourists are parked in illegal places creating cars to back up and large trucks cannot make the turn by the narrow bridges. Why, because they don’t know how to respect the signs that are placed there.

Tourism is great to the economy they say, but not at placing our only rescue crew at risk. Should we start a toll booth on the Hana Highway and use those funds to pay for their accidents and not taxpayer dollars?

Lehua Cosma