Beatles tribute band takes audience down memory lane

I missed Woodstock: too young; too far away. The recent possible redo fizzled, this time: too old; still too far away. These two disappointments were shattered when Silver Lining Productions brought Beat-Lele to our Maui Arts & Cultural Center. The three ukulele and one beatbox Beatles tribute band from Honolulu took the audience down memory lane. Our vehicle of choice, a Yellow Submarine, the route, Penny Lane, and our flight attendants, Eleanor Rigby and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Each song, and there were many, a flower sewn musically and magically together to produce a lei of peace and Love.

Breaking news: Beat-Lele promises to return in 2020. Concert tips: Study Beatle lyric sheets so you can sing every word of every song 100 percent correctly, instead of only 98 percent. Buy your tickets early as they will surely sell out as they did for this concert.

Cummins Kameeiamoku Mashoe III



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