Building telescope is only way to see heaven

Scientists, like some civilians, need to see facts. There is no heaven, unless proven that there is one. No God, since no one has seen God. Yet many believe in Jesus, since he was seen and said to be seen again. When? Wonder if scientists like some civilians are atheists?

Building a telescope is the only way some will see heaven. To see if heaven has walls. I see a needle in which one has to thread through to enter. Freedom is without walls. Trump’s wall is puny compared to China’s. China will bail out America’s bankruptcy.

The devil fell to Earth and ruled. That means Earth is you know where. Heavens are full of stars. Black hole, created by stars that fell out of grace with God. Sounds like Hollywood. I can see Heaven by looking up.

Mauna Kea was listed as one of several sacred mountains in America.

As is Mt. Sinai in the Middle East. Both Jews and Muslims honor this.

Both believe in the same God, with different interpretations. Freedom of religious beliefs.

I have not seen God but I have faith that there is God. Hawaiians did not need a telescope to navigate the oceans. Didn’t need a compass. Follow the stars and let the sun and moon be your light to travel.

Michael T. Matoi



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