Candidates could initiate change now

The participants of the recent Democratic Party debate proposed various programs that they claim they would implement when they become president. Five of the 10 candidates on the debate stage are currently serving as senators in Congress.

What puzzles me is if these senators are so desirous of such programs and since they currently are in the legislative branch of government where such programs can be initiated, discussed and legislated, why are they not attempting to put such programs into law now? Are they not aware that this is the function of their current job that they were elected to do? Do they think becoming president allows them to suddenly legislate everything that they feel necessary for the good of the nation? Are they not aware of the different functions of the executive, legislative and judicial branch of our government?

Of course they are, but they are not doing the legislative job they were elected to do. They are too busy attempting to land a new job in the executive branch. If they cannot accomplish what they were elected to do, why would we think they would be any more accomplished in another job?

Russell Taft



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