Councilors acting to aid opponents of Maui County

Elected officials take an oath to protect our community.

Currently, we have a group that has filed a lawsuit against the county and is threatening more lawsuits that could cost the county hundreds of millions of dollars.

The rules require separation of authority. In Maui County’s case, there must be separation of authority among the administrative, legislative and legal branches of government.

In my opinion, Maui County council members who voted to interfere with the wastewater lawsuit that is scheduled to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court should be removed from office for trying to help the organizations that have filed lawsuits against the county.

These council members should not be helping attorneys and organizations that are trying to sue them, our elected officials, and also the taxpayers of Maui County for millions of dollars in current and future lawsuits. They should, instead, continue working on solutions to the injection well challenges.

Many improvements have already been made. Maui County has been the state leader in treating raw sewage rather than dumping it into the ocean. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars over many years to improve the system. One of our goals is 100 percent reuse of the effluent and eliminating the use of injection wells. We have been making tremendous improvements to change our wastewater system from ocean outfalls, to a tertiary filter system with preventative maintenance and a computerized alarm system.

Lawsuits diminish the county’s ability to put all of its resources towards solutions.

Alan Arakawa

Former mayor of Maui County,



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