Cutting service is not the way to promote newspapers

Its been several weeks now with no Sunday print edition and I hope management is reconsidering this poor decision. I understand that newspapers are struggling to survive, but cutting the Sunday edition is not the answer to increase circulation and revenues.

Instead, The Maui News should be looking at increased marketing efforts to gain readers. For example, many working people only have Sundays available to read a newspaper so why not offer Sunday-only delivery with digital access for those people?

Additionally, The Maui News should consider sponsoring community events and distributing free papers as a way to introduce the younger generation to the joy of reading a newspaper. Many younger people don’t read printed newspapers because they simply aren’t used to it. But they won’t know about it unless you change your marketing and introduce them to it.

Look at how LP records are making a comeback. Why is this happening? Because of audio industry efforts to educate younger people and introduce them to the joy of analog music.

The Maui News needs to introduce print newspapers to a new generation. But cutting service is not the way to do that.

Kevin Bridges



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