Election is time to send council members packing

Well, there it is folks, in black and white, printed on Page A4 in The Maui News on Aug. 28, direct from the mouth of Maui County Council Chairwoman Kelly King, her now not-so-secret agenda to curb “overtourism” on Maui.

It seems disingenuous now because she didn’t campaign on the curbing “overtourism” issue back in 2014 when she beat her slandered opponent, the incumbent Don Couch. Even some misguided members of the “tourist industry” supported her back then, writing letters of support for her “visionary” politics.

I don’t like the way our new County Council does its business, I don’t like the new leadership team and I don’t like their greed and hubris. For them to suggest that they should make as much as the mayor is laughable — if not impeachable.

They tell lies to the uninformed public until the truth is exposed and then they backtrack faster than the president, and blame “the media” for publishing fake news. They lied to us about raising taxes and fees and they lied about increasing the budget.

Hopefully, next year in 2020 the voters of Maui County will give an “early retirement gift” to Kelly King, Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, Shane Sinenci, Tasha Kama and Tamara Paltin — and send them packing.

Mark Smith



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