Good job DOT; Piilani-Lipoa next?

Congratulations to the state Department of Transportation (I know, really?). DOT takes grief on a daily, perhaps hourly time frame over the status of our island infrastructure, but they finally finished the intersection of the Mokulele Highway (Maui Veterans Highway)/Puunene Avenue/Airport Access Road, and it is really well done. Thanks, DOT.

Now if it can just figure out what to do at the intersection at Lipoa Street and Piilani Highway, I and many other motorists would be happy. The backup there at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. is really a sight to behold and needs attention.

Lastly, my vote is for an overpass at the new high school in Kihei — not a tunnel — for the pedestrians to cross Piilani Highway to get to the new high school. A tunnel will flood during some parts of the year and become a huge homeless shelter during the rest of the year. An overpass will simply allow safe passage to those needing to cross the road.

John M. Glen