Hitler connections are attributed to Democrats

Remind me how Donald Trump is like Hitler again? If you watch the liberal propaganda media, you’ll think that low unemployment, higher wages, tax cuts and supporting the NRA is exactly the type of agenda Adolf Hitler would have.

However, if you watch real media and laugh at the propaganda due to having a brain, you would have seen the real Hitler comparison on CNN’s seven-hour comedy special about climate change. Socialist-almost-leaning-communist Bernie Sanders actually spoke of decreasing the population to curb climate change. Now it would have been just the ravings of an old man if not for the cheers of the audience. These people actually heard a proposal that came out of the mouth of Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler years ago from one of the Democrat party front runners, and they cheered.

If you’d like another Hitler example, I give you Kamala Harris. She openly supports gun confiscation from law abiding citizens. Now who took guns away from German Jews? It was, again, Hitler.

So I ask the left, why do you support former Nazi German polices? You want government protection in exchange for sacrificing your liberties. Have you not learned by now that is true fascism?

Stephen Phillips



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