Media misleads with assisted suicide article

“In face of death, the party of a lifetime” Associated Press article in The Maui News of Sept. 2 came with a picture and caption that were gravely misleading.

The Catholic Church in no way condones “medical aid in dying,” yet the photograph accompanying the article shows Mr. Fuller on his knees surrounded by an innocent assembly — including First Communicants and a visiting priest to the parish who had no idea what this man was pre-planning. (In fact, were these children’s parents informed that this picture would be published in newspapers?)

For the sake of supposedly dignifying his “right to die,” now even the faces of the most innocent among us are being used as the sympathy card. Shameful!

Please get the facts straight. The Archdiocese of Seattle had sent out a press release on Aug. 28 clarifying the photograph and what actually took place at the church.

We are now weekly hearing and seeing in the news horrid causes of death, particularly the mass shootings. Does our local media need to also glamorize a single death? (Please refer to second photograph of Mr. Fuller plunging the “death cocktail” mixed with Kahlua into his system.)

Further, and to note, Catholics believe that “every person has inherent and inalienable dignity because we are made in God’s image and likeness.” The Catholic Church does not support suicide in any form, including medical aid in dying or medical assisted suicide.

The Rev. Msgr. Terrence A.M Watanabe



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