Millennial climate change denier misses the point

Like most Trumpkins and other climate change deniers, the millennial letter writer in the Aug. 31 letter to the editor misses the point by cherry-picking information and citing obscure organizations to support a biased, preordained conclusion.

Yes, natural forces do influence climate. Yes, historically speaking the climate moves through warm and cold periods (related to the Earth’s axis wobble). Yes, mining — including rare earth minerals mining supporting lithium-ion batteries — damages the environment. And no, we do not have to give up eating meat or live in mud huts to curb climate change.

But human activity is undeniably causing global warming as supported by the overwhelming abundance of real data and real science. Historically, we should be entering a cold period, but instead are seeing unprecedented rises in average temperatures. And, despite the Dutch agency “facts” quoted, the Dutch are leaders in driving fuel-efficient cars, using bicycles/public transportation extensively, living in much smaller homes than average Americans and investing in protecting land against rising sea levels.

Change is not easy. But investing in a more economically and environmentally sustainable future will make us wealthier in the long run. And, our children’s lives will depend on it.

Kevin Bridges