Teachers swearing at middle school student

There is a middle school on Maui where multiple teachers curse at the students using the “F” word. I worked as a Hawaii DOE substitute teacher on Maui from 2011 to 2016. I observed teachers cursing at students and heard woeful stories.

In 2016, I brought this to the attention of the principal at one of the intermediate schools I worked in. After explaining that multiple teachers curse at the students, using the “F” word, the principal told me to ignore it because “It’s the culture and it’s really hard to change.”

“No, it’s not the culture any more than sugar cane plantations,” I responded. I then told him that security told me to ignore the abuse when I reported student-on-student violence. Again this principal told me, “It’s the culture.”

I wrote the Maui District superintendent of schools, the state superintendent of schools and every member of the state Board of Education. No one responded.

This is still going on. You can easily discover which school I speak of by asking any middle schoolers in your life if they ever heard teachers curse at students. With this one Maui intermediate school, the answer is always yes.

Rena Blumberg



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