Trumpsters should watch PBS, not just FOX

Regarding a Sept. 10 letter, “President’s comments taken out of context,” the “context” of this letter frames Donald Trump’s tweets and other statements rather dismissively of Trump’s overall attitude, which he loudly shares with the public.

The claim that Jews voting for Democrats are disloyal to Israel is false and that comments made by Trump only refer to the conflict with Palestine. So, the Israelis are 100 percent correct in their actions and the Palestinians are 100 percent wrong? And all Democrats see it the opposite because they don’t support Trump? Therefore, they are against Israel and Israel claiming much of the land which has historically been Palestine’s as Israel’s?

Trump did in fact say “Mexicans were rapists and murderers.” However, rather than being rapists and murderers, these immigrants fleeing their homes may well be fleeing rapists and murderers.

We all know that our country has many nonimmigrant rapists and mass murderers. It is in the news daily. Trump himself is being accused of sexual misconduct by over a dozen women, and stated that he could kill someone in public and get away with it. And don’t forget his “There are good people on both sides” in support of white nationalists.

President Barack Obama was not, as was stated in the letter, the worst president in many decades. How about Richard Nixon?

As I have often said regarding Trumpsters: There are none so blind as those that will not see. Please, watch PBS, not just Fox.

Harlan Hughes



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