Vehicle not allowed on road or bike lane

A riddle: I have three wheels, I can ride on the sidewalk, I am not legally allowed in the bike lane, I can’t get registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles, electricity powers me, at the hare speed setting I can drive 10 miles per hour whereas at the turtle speed setting I barely move, and there is no safety inspection for me. What am I?

A scooter or personal mobility vehicle or device.

More and more of us aging and handicapped people make use of one of these to get around. But they are not allowed in the bike lane as they have three wheels, not two, and there is no way to register them for the road.

You run the risk of hitting pedestrians on the sidewalk or bouncing alarmingly from the cracks — over a dozen in the short drive to the nearby supermarket. Or worse yet, you could get killed, as happened last September when a man crossing Dairy Road in Kahului was hit by a car in a crosswalk when he was on his mobility device.

The police may pull you over on the road as an unregistered vehicle.

Perhaps we need to create a new class of vehicle which legitimizes scooters to at least let them ride in the bike lane.

I hope to lead the creation of Mauitopia (for a full description download for free the pamphlet at mauitopia.org), a true paradise which allows people of all ages to easily get around our island.

Ori Kopelman



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