Where are the promised speed bumps near Seabury?

The phrase “comedy of errors” is an understatement as I attempt to describe the futility of my neighbors and myself as we have tried to have speed bumps put in place after the stop sign was removed from the bottom of Kealaloa Avenue without our knowledge or permission. A meeting was held with County Council Members Mike Molina and Yuki Lei Sugimura and state Rep. Kyle Yamashita about a year ago when they all came to the home of my next-door neighbors. A petition was signed and the promise of the speed bump ensued.

Now that school has resumed and the vehicular speed exceeds 75-80 mph in the morning and afternoon hours, where are the speed bumps?

A detailed letter was sent to Public Works on March 1, 2018, as I explained the perilous conditions we face on a daily basis, and I was assured I would receive a phone call in response. I’m still waiting after a year and a half.

Please have the stop sign put back in place and implement the speed bumps to deter this erratic behavior and mind-boggling speeds.

Nancy Dean