Assault in Kahakuloa is very disturbing

The recent articles regarding the horrific assaults on Christopher Kunzelman and his uncle in Kahakuloa are very disturbing (The Maui News, Oct. 18). It is hard to believe that there could be video and audio evidence of this violent racial hate crime and in the end the ones who did this got off almost free.

They hit the homeowner in the head with a shovel, which could easily kill him, kicked him hard enough to break ribs, stole his property, destroyed his new home and the prosecution ended up reducing this to threatening. The prosecutor’s office stalled this open-and-shut case for years until giving the attackers a slap on the wrists.

This is a case of real corruption or incredible incompetence. If this blatant a hate crime goes unpunished, it does not give us out here in the community any faith in our legal system The prosecutor’s office needs to be thoroughly investigated over this very badly handled case. The mayor and County Council should definitely be involved.

George Walters



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