Call for reparations for slavery not clear-cut

The latest cause celebre of the left extreme of the Democrat Party is a call for reparations for the horror of slavery in this country’s past. This is a very complex proposal because it will be difficult for many African-Americans who are actual descendants of slaves to demonstrate a genetic connection to progenitors who were slaves. Should the government simply pay reparations to all persons who identify as being black?

Also, there is the question of mixed races and those who have both slaves and slave owners in their biological history. Should being a descendant of a slave owner disqualify one even though they identify themselves as black?

That seemingly strange question is germane because in 1830 there were 3,775 slave owners who were (are you sitting down) black! Betcha didn’t know that didja? The geometric progression of that number over the generations since 1830 could be huge and it means that many people who are black are descended from slave owners, not slaves.

It’s just another demonstration of how easily seemingly reasonable politically convenient issues can morph into logistical nightmares if an attempt is ever made to put them into real-world practice.

Pity the poor Democrat presidential candidates who feel compelled to distinguish themselves by coming up with more and more insanity. What’s next? It is still a long time until the next election and it promises to be a hilarious period. Try to not laugh.

Dan Speas



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