Devoting third of land for cattle appears backward

So, Mahi Pono is planting some potatoes, has plans for some orchards and other crops. They also plan to devote about a third of their land to raising cattle. That is huge, almost the size of Manhattan.

This seems a little backward, at a time when the beef and dairy industries are headed for decline. In fact, a new report from the think tank RethinkX predicts that in 10 years, the animal agriculture industry will be all but bankrupt. With cellular agriculture (lab-grown meat) right at the brink of taking off and the increasing demand for plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs, traditional animal-based agriculture is destined to become all but obsolete.

We are seeing most of the fast food chains bringing forth plant-based meat alternatives that taste almost the same as the meat-based one, with none of the environmental and ethical problems. Vegan milks, cheese and ice creams are fast replacing dairy-based varieties. Plant-based egg and mayonnaise products are in mainstream supermarkets and selling well.

So at this time, when animal ag is becoming a thing of the past all over the world, I would urge Mahi Pono to look forward, reconsider their farm plan and ditch the animal ag for a better more profitable long-range plan for growing a wide variety of fruits and veggies.

Stephen Beidner



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