Dune nourishment project at Kamaole Beach Park I

It appears that the sand recently dredged from the Kihei Boat Ramp will end up on the sand dunes at Kamaole I in Kihei. We work as volunteers with UH Sea Grant and the Maui Parks Department on some of these types of beach nourishment projects.

If all goes as planned, the dredged and stockpiled sand will be moved by trucks and delivered to the Kamaole I dunes where it will be spread in the dune fields at that location. The sand will therefore be available for Mother Nature to use as protection during any storm events. If no storm events happen then the sand just remains on the dunes, eventually covered again by native beach plants, waiting to be called into service.

The last time the boat ramp was dredged, the sand was delivered and graded at Kamaole Beach Park III. The end result was just as UH Sea Grant and Maui County predicted and that beach is still in great shape.

Maui County should be recognized for working with the University of Hawaii Sea Grant Program and for letting the science behind these beach nourishment projects lead the effort. By returning the sand to one of the beaches where it came from, the beach park dunes have every opportunity to stay in excellent condition for many years to come.

Mahalo, Maui County, for your long-term and consistent effort to do what’s right for our beaches and sand dunes. Keep up the good work!

Bob and Lis Richardson



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